Information security

KAZGISA Company offers services in the field of information security

1.Provision of consulting services, recommendations for improving information security at your company;

2.Assistance in bringing your hardware and software complex into compliance with information security requirements (On the approval of uniform requirements in the field of information and communication technologies and information security
Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 20, 2016 No. 832, On Informatization Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 24, 2015 No. 418-V SAM, a series of ISO/IEC 27000 standards ensures the information security of organizations

Security analysis

We will find and help fix the maximum vulnerabilities in your web and mobile applications and APIs, tell you what they can lead to, and how to avoid such errors in the future

Secure development

We will help to set up SDLC, implement vulnerability scanners (DUST) and static analyzers (SAST) in pipeline CI/CD, we will support the process and train developers

Security audit

We design a system of any complexity, including firmware of IoT devices, cryptographic systems, smart contracts in the blockchain, build a threat model and point out the shortcomings of the architecture