Web design development

Web design is the process of creating a website. A design field focused on the design, development and design of web interfaces for applications and websites. In addition to the artistic component, the design of the site includes the elaboration of the logical structure of web pages, the usability of the resource or application (usability).… Continue reading Web design development

Creating videos

We create animated videos for applications and games, products and companies, commercials for YouTube and social networks. We voice texts with professional speakers, localize videos. We do everything: from the idea and script to the sound design.

Development of geoinformation systems

Geographic information system – a system for collecting, storing, analyzing and graphical visualization of spatial (geographical) data and related information about the necessary objects. The concept of a geographic information system is also used in a narrower sense – as a tool (software product) that allows users to search, analyze and edit both a digital… Continue reading Development of geoinformation systems

Business process automation

KAZGISA offers services for the automation of production and management business processes of various levels of complexity: Analysis of existing information systems and software solutions; Development, installation and commissioning of software systems for automating business processes of enterprises, organizations and departments; Development, implementation and maintenance of technical solutions for the organization of information security systems… Continue reading Business process automation

Technical support

KAZGISA is pleased to offer technical support services, as well as modernization of information systems. Technical support – corrective and preventive software changes caused by the need to eliminate actual and hidden errors. The services provided for this type are included in the Technical Support Program. Modernization of the information system includes work on adaptive… Continue reading Technical support

Development of monitoring systems

Satellite transport monitoring is a mobile object monitoring system built using GNSS trackers, cellular and/or radio communication equipment and technologies, computer technology and digital maps. Satellite monitoring of transport is used to solve transport logistics problems in transportation management systems and automated fleet management systems. The principle of operation is to track and analyze the… Continue reading Development of monitoring systems